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The Rough Waters Meditation Process

What to expect:

  1. Decide what you want to work on. It is highly recommended that you come into the session with a feeling that you would like to work with. In fact, if these meditations are right for you, you probably already know what that is.

  2. Talk. The beginning of the session starts with you sharing what you would like to bring into the session. It is up to you how much you would like to share about what you’re experiencing. As this part of the session is mostly guided by you, it can last anywhere from 5-30 minutes.

  3. Coming into the body. In this part of the session we will build meditative skills by working on awareness and getting in touch with the body (both the physical and emotional body). This segment will vary in length from 5-15 minutes based on how close the challenging emotions are to the surface. If the challenging emotions are buried more deeply, the body scan will take longer so that we can really get in touch with the body. If the challenging emotions are right on the surface, the body scan will be shorter and we will start accessing these emotions right away.

  4. Sitting with challenging emotions. We will start by identifying, creating intimacy, and understanding the challenging emotion. We will get to know why it is hurting, what it wants, and how we can best take care of it. At this point, the process gets intensely individual based on the needs of your emotions. Oftentimes, we will sit with this challenging feeling as if it were a child and give it unconditional presence and love.

  5. Transforming the emotion. Once we sit with the emotion completely, without resistance, the emotion naturally begins to subside. It is at this point that people often experience relief and we can bring in new emotional states. For example, we can go from grief to love and appreciation or from craving to satisfaction or from disconnection to connection.

* It is important to know that this step is NOT the goal and, therefore, does not happen every single time. The goal IS to sit with the challenging emotions and be unconditionally present with it as if it were a child crying out in pain. The goal is not to get the child to stop crying. The goal is for the child to know that it is loved even if it cries all night.

    6. Closing. We will finish the session off with a check-in. Checking-in on how the session went and if there are any thoughts or feelings that          are top of heart or top of mind. From there, we will close by discussing how you can bring these meditative tools and techniques into your          life in a way that suits your unique needs.



Values we uphold:

Unconditional positive regard. No matter what feelings you experience, thoughts you have, or actions you take, there will never be any judgment towards you. We are founded on the principal of unconditional positive regard for every aspect of every individual.

Confidentiality. We believe in upholding the strictest measures to protect your confidentiality. Please see the Terms of Use if you would like to read the details of this policy.

Individual approach. Every meditation is catered to your unique feelings and needs. We do not take a cookie-cutter approach and treat every client in the same way, we want to be there for YOU and meet your unique needs.



To learn more about Water Wheel Meditation and your meditation practitioner, Heather, please visit our About page.

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