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Healing Nicotine Addiction Toolkit


This course was designed for the person who wants to heal the root causes of their nicotine addiction. Whether you are ready to quit today or need some time before you are ready to quit, you can use this course to build the toolkit needed so you can let go of your addiction with ease. I designed this course because I struggled with nicotine addiction for almost a decade. I tried so many methods of quitting and not only did none of them work or last, but they made me feel even more entangled with my nicotine addiction. In this course, I am sharing my story of how I quit and currently maintain it with ease using deep meditative and subconscious practices. What makes this course unique: - It does not shame you into quitting, rather it heals your shame - It looks at nicotine addiction as a symptom of underlying beliefs, identities, and emotions - It combines meditation, shadow work, and holistic healing for a well rounded approach to nicotine cessation - It was made by someone who has been in your shoes - You can use the tools in this course to make any area of your life better What you will get: 19 Videos - 3 hrs and 30 mins of Material - 4 Guided Meditations to release cravings and addiction - Lifetime Access - Risk Free Trial (full refund within 30 days of purchase) By viewing and/or purchasing this course you are signifying that you have read and agree to the Terms of Use:





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