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About Water Wheel

A water wheel taps into the flow of moving water, harnessing and transmuting that energy, and turning it into power. This is the exact principal that Water Wheel Meditation was founded upon. Tapping into the flow of the present moment, harnessing that energy, and turning it into your personal power. There are a variety of mindfulness and meditation techniques that you will find throughout this website that will help you to do just that. At Water Wheel Meditation we believe that mindfulness can look different for everyone and that different people have different blocks when it comes to being in the present moment. However, the present moment is accessible, beneficial, and transformative to everyone. That is why, in our courses and in our coaching sessions, you will always find that we take an individualized approach and offer different styles and techniques of mindfulness and meditation so that you can get through any block that you have to the present moment and live a more fulfilling, present, and joyful life.



Meet the Founder


Hi, my name is Heather. I am the founder of Water Wheel Meditation and the person that you will work with if you choose to take a course or receive a meditation coaching session. I stumbled (quite literally stumbled) into the realm of yoga and meditation after losing 3 people dear to me. At this rockbottom place, I began practicing yoga and meditation out of curiosity. This soon became a place of deep reprieve and healing from the heavy, all-consuming, and challenging emotional rollercoaster that I was experiencing. In the following years, this became my passion. I decided to dedicate my life to these practices and became a certified yoga and meditation instructor, traveling the world to learn from various traditions and schools of thought. I also wanted to make sure that my understanding was grounded in western thought, so I earned a degree in Psychology and Holistic Health. The desire to create Water Wheel Meditation came after teaching and offering meditation services to friends and family and seeing the impact and need for this kind of work in the world. I now feel honored and humbled to work with people as they explore themself and deepen their mind-body connection.


If you would like to explore our offerings, please visit the Courses and Private Meditation pages of this website. 

If you would like to get to know us more or become apart of the community, please visit the Connect page of this website.


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